Why Is Debbie OA Trending?

Meet Debbie OA, sometimes referred to as Mummy Zee, a composed and polite Nigerian woman who gained notoriety in the nation very quickly when a viral reaction to a tweet sparked debate and adoration.

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The catalyst for her newfound recognition was a tweet by Ms Madisha that read, “There’s a lady that wakes up by 5 am to make her husband lunch for work.” In response, Debbie candidly admitted, “I’ve always been too lazy to wake up and get his lunch ready. But the day he told me a colleague brought two spoons so he’d eat with her was the day I set my alarm for 4:50 am.”

Debbie’s witty and relatable response struck a chord with many, especially men who appreciated her authenticity. As a result, her account number was shared on the platform, leading to an outpouring of monetary gifts from generous individuals totalling over 2 million naira.

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