The unique TikTok dancing challenge that popped out of nowhere has been making waves on the Nigerian internet for a time now.

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The problem initially provided by the hyperactive tik tok influencers in Europe unexpectedly forecasted a shift after attracting the attention of Nigerian internet moguls.

This is due to the fact that well-endowed Nigerian women who accepted the challenge completely twisted it into a showcase of beauty and endowment.

Many viewers have been thoroughly entertained by the current perception of the challenge since a substantial number of Nigerian ladies have accepted the challenge to flirtatiously display their beauty, which has been a major part of the incredible run to date.

It also expanded to the point that a great deal of beautiful women followed suit, hoping to dazzle their audience with their inherent beauty.

The Nigerian contestants mostly depict the task by securing their electronics to the ceiling and showcasing their distinctive skill, which is captured on camera from above.

We’ve compiled the top videos that have been released since the challenge’s climax.

Watch video below;


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