Top 14 Nigerian social media influencers in 2024

Numerous gifted people are reshaping the internet environment in Nigeria’s evolving digital landscape with their own material.

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This is a hand-picked list of well-known figures from a variety of social media platforms, presented in no particular order:

1. Sisi Yemmie: With 340K Instagram followers and 975K YouTube subscribers, Sisi Yemmie is well-known for her culinary prowess, which she showcases on both platforms. Sisi Yemmie captivates viewers with her colorful creations.

2. Taaoma: Taaoma is a comedy icon on Facebook and Instagram who consistently makes people laugh with her sketches. She has 966K YouTube subscribers and 5.2 million Instagram followers.

3. Pamilerin (Pampam): With 874K followers, Pamilerin’s Twitter presence is distinguished by smart analysis and pop cultural observations.

4. Eniolaoluwa: This fashion and beauty expert has 2.1 million Instagram followers and 35.4K YouTube subscribers. She captivates viewers with her eye-catching outfits and makeup lessons.

5. Aproko Doctor: Combining comedy and medical knowledge, Aproko Doctor interacts with fans on Facebook and Instagram, gaining a sizable following of 1.4 million users on the latter platform.

6. Nengi: After rising to popularity on BBNaija, Nengi enthralls her 3.3 million Instagram followers with her sense of style and peeks into a lavish lifestyle.

7. MC Shem: With 261K followers, MC Shem is an Instagram celebrity who brings fun and excitement through partnerships and practical jokes.

8. Don Jazzy: With a massive 16.2 million Instagram followers, the music icon captivates viewers on Twitter and Instagram with his hilarious material, industry insights, and catchy tracks.

9. Iyabo Ojo: With over 6.4 million Instagram followers, the seasoned actress recounts memories from her life and the Nollywood profession.

10. Mark Angel Comedy: This comedy brand has 1.35 million YouTube subscribers and 3.1 million Instagram followers. It is well-known for its humorous skits that include young actors.

11. Sabinus: With 891K Instagram followers, Sabinus is well-known for his character-driven sketches and unique sense of humor.

12. Kiekie (Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori): With 490K Instagram followers, Kiekie is a formidable influencer praised for her lively attitude and hilarious skits.

13. Mr. Macaroni: Well-known in Nigerian comedy, Mr. Macaroni uses humor to tackle societal concerns and has a sizable 877K Instagram followers.

14. Layi Wasabi: Known for his witty wordplay and role as a humorous lawyer in his skits, Wasabi has amassed a sizable fan following on Instagram thanks to his distinctive online persona.

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